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BCF Business Law - Montreal, Quebec

Professional Development

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Coaching/mentoring program? Yes
Details of coaching/mentoring program First-year lawyers are paired with a coach from the beginning of their practice.

The coach is usually a partner or senior professional, and a major donor of work to the coachee.

The coach is involved in the process of welcoming and integrating the new resource. They support the coachee in their professional development, helping them with their legal reasoning and guiding them in their practice and case management. They organizes regular meetings to assess progress, provide feedback and understand aspirations. Finally, they are involved in the performance appraisal process.
Evaluations Semi-annual
Upward reviews? No
Students are interested in specific professional development opportunities you provide. Please provide examples. The training and professional development of our new recruits is our priority and our investment in the future.

During their first summer, students take part in our two-week welcome and integration program, designed to give them practical knowledge and skills, as well as a sense of belonging that will help them learn the profession and the firm.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in a tribunal-school and a transaction-school.
Professional development staff? Yes
Do you offer internal continuous legal education (CLE)? Yes
Do you provide funds to attend external CLE? Case-by-case