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BRAZEAU SELLER LAW - Ottawa, Ontario

Diversity & Inclusion

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Please describe your diversity programs and initiatives BRAZEAU SELLER LAW proudly supports diversity in the legal profession in many ways. For example, founded in 2006 by the women business lawyers, Sisters-in-Law brings business and professional women together in networking, educational and charitable activities. Sisters-in-Law is an opportunity for career minded women to connect, share new ideas, develop contacts, and receive additional guidance and support from business women in all walks of life.

Diversity Contact Information

Students who have questions about EDI initiatives and/or would like to connect with someone with a similar lived experience, please contact Tricia Smith
Diversity website:
Please list the various initiatives your firm has undertaken related to providing an accessible workplace and barrier free culture for people with disabilities, as well as any information you may be able to share regarding the types accommodations provided.