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Pushor Mitchell LLP - Kelowna, British Columbia

Recruitment & Hiring

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  1st Yr. Summer 2nd Yr. Summer Articling Students
Do you hire: No Yes Yes
How many did you/will you hire for:
2020 0
2021 0
2022 0
2023 0
2024 0
Rotation N/A
Split/Secondment No

First Year Summer Students


Do you recruit first year summer students?
When is the application deadline for first year summer students? N/A
When is the interviewing period? N/A
Do you participate in on-campus interview (OCI) programs to fill such positions?
Description of first year summer program: N/A
Comments N/A
How many weeks is the first year summer program? N/A

Second Year Summer Students


Do you recruit second year summer students?
When is the application deadline for second year summer students? July 31st
When is the interviewing period? Late Summer
Do you participate in on-campus interview (OCI) programs to fill such positions? Yes
Description of the second year summer program Provide research and assistance to all lawyers in the firm. Participate in client interviews and drafting opportunities to work with litigators and solicitors.
Comments No additional comments
How many weeks is the second year summer program? 14-16


Will you be participating in OCIs this year? Yes
Schools: University of Alberta, Faculty of Law|University of British Columbia, Faculty of Law

Other Campus Recruiting

We will be recruiting students from the following law schools (outside of the OCI process)
2021 2022
No. of 1st Year Summer Students 0 0
No. of 1st Year Summer Students Offered Articling Positions (region dependent) 0 0
No. of 2nd Year Summer Students 1 0
No. of 2nd Year Summer Students Offered Articling Positions 3 1
Quebec: Number of future articling students working as a 2nd year summer student
Atlantic: No. of articling students hired during 2nd year January recruitment
No. of additional articling students hired (in some regions, in addition to students hired through the summer process) 0 0

For Quebec and Atlantic Employers: Do you allow your articling students hired to work for you during their second year summer?

Articling Students

When do you hire articling students? Applications are accepted throughout the year with a deadline of June 30th
Do you still have any articling positions open for this year (starting 2022)? No
Do you anticipate having articling positions open for next year (starting in 2023) for external candidates outside of your current student hires (if any)? Yes
If so, how many positions do you anticipate having for external candidates? 1
Do you allow students to work during the licensing process in your jurisdiction?
Description of articling program Our program provides an opportunity to explore a range of both litigation and solicitor work during the articling year. Each Student is matched with a mentor that meets with them on a regular basis to provide feedback, review workload and monitor the student's exposure to the various areas of law.
Comments No additional comments
Do you offer internships? No


Do you accept applications for summer/articling positions from foreign trained students/lawyers? Yes
If yes, do applicants need to have an Assessment Report from the National Committee on Accreditation (in Québec, an attestation from le Barreau du Québec) before applying?

Required Application Materials

Required Application Materials Resume
cover letter
reference letters
post secondary transcripts
law school transcripts
Comments No additional comments

Preferred Method of Application

Preferred Method of Application Email
Comments No additional comments
2021 2022
How many articling students did you offer a first year lawyer position? 1 0
How many articling students in your articling program were seeking a position? 1 0
How many additional first year associates did you hire outside of your articling student program? 1 0
How many of the additional students clerked? 0 0